This blog is concerned with topics related to anthropology and the body. I started it to document my experiences and observations during and after my ethnographic research on practices of styling and modifying bodies in a Berlin hairdressing salon, which I called “Mastercut”. Here, I will post written pieces about several aspects of my research and of my fieldwork experience.

Who I am

Besides questions regarding the body, I am interested in queer anthropology, gender and sexuality, and science and technology studies (STS) and how these different fields can be brought into conversation. I am a graduate student at the University of Amsterdam in the research master Social Sciences. I moved to Amsterdam after graduating from Freie Universität Berlin in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

What this blog is for

I see three main benefits in using a blog during fieldwork.

  1. The blog offers an accessible way for my interlocutors to get an overview of what I am doing. Additionally, it gives them/you the opportunity to add to or contest my interpretations.
  2. Keeping a blog will force me to engage analytically with my material while in the field. Hopefully, it will also normalize the activity of formulating and sharing initial ideas with others.
  3. I hope that others (=you) will engage with my research and add valuable feedback. So, feel free to use the comments section to tell me what you think about my posts or contact me on other channels.

What my research is about

I will attend to how styled bodies are done in the space of a higher-priced hip hairdressing salon in Berlin. How do hairstyles perform a certain styled and gendered body? How are different tools, techniques, and products used to form hair and produce a certain style? And when does hair refuse forming attempts? These are some of the questions I will focus on.

About me

About me

Max Schnepf
University of Amsterdam
Research Master Social Sciences

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