11.12.2022“Die Politik des Intimen: Sozialwissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf Intimität”
Workshop “Homosexualität und Psyche: Intimität und Verletzlichkeit”, Deutsche Aidshilfe und VLSP, Akademie Waldschlösschen
06.04.2022“Access to HIV-prophylaxis in Germany: Promises of demarginalisation and the queer making of margins
Workshop “Quests for Healing and Social Justice at State Margins”, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
24.09.2020“Where’s the fun in it? PrEP research in Medical Anthropology beyond numbers and critique
Conference “Medical Anthropology and Its Others: Disciplinarity and a field in motion”, Medical Anthropology Young Scholars, Graduate Institute of Geneva
23.09.2020“Thinking sex in times of corona: Ambivalent intimacies and future desires” with U. Probst
Conference “The politics and intersections of COVID-19”, Centre for Gender Studies, Karlstad University
19.11.2019“Blogging und Fotografie: Schönheit ethnographisch erforschen” [Blogging and photography: Researching beauty ethnographically]
Guest lecture in the seminar „Anthropologie der Schönheit: Globale Normen, lokale Körper?“ (Claudia Liebelt), Freie Universität Berlin
12.10.2019“PrEPped intimacy: Gay sex and biomedicine in Berlin
Masterclass with Prof. Martin F Manalansan IV, Institute of Asian and African Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
09.09.2019“Dick descriptions // Thin attachments: A performative dialogue” with O. Kasmani
Workshop „Writing Difference, Writing Differently“ of the European Network for Queer Anthropology (EASA), Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)
13.12.2018Follicular circulations: Race in the global hair market
Workshop „Re/launching Beauty and the Norm“, organized by C. Liebelt and S. Böllinger, Universität Bayreuth
06.10.2018“Engaging with multiplicity: ‘Writing sexy’ and photography as allegorical modes of representation
Conference “Creative Methods and Participatory Arts Research in Medical Anthropology”, Medical Anthropology Young Scholars, Freie Universität Berlin

Organized Panels and Workshops

since 2020The Queer Anthro Interstice
Monthly online colloquium by the working group Gender & Sexualities | Queer Anthropology (with O. Kasmani, H. Kraul, A. Kukuczka, C. Liebelt, U. Probst)
29.09.2021Queer Intimacies: Configurations of Gender and Sexuality in the Digital Anthropocene
Panel at the conference of the German Anthropological Association (with C. Liebelt)
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